Monday, May 4, 2009

What you get...

I always read the "What You Get For $____" column in The Times. Although mostly I'm aghast at how little one can buy for so much money. But this week I'm sensing our new recession reality seeping in. Exhibit A: An 1890 seven-bedroom Victorian near Dubuque, Iowa. Price: $225,000 Now this, my friends, is a bargain.

If this grand beauty is $225K, then what could a buyer find in, say, Portland for this price? Well, nothing like a giant Victorian mansion and more like this:

A modest fixer in a not-so great neighborhood. For $225K in San Francisco you could buy a studio apartment in foreclosure. Or, that same amount could put you in this cute bungalow in central Austin:

Or a 10,000 square foot home/auditorium in Detroit. Yes, an auditorium where you could literally live on stage.


  1. I'd almost move to Iowa, but love SF too much! It is something though...sigh. Thanks for the post!

  2. Sorry if this double-posts...I think I clicked the wrong button.

    Anyway... love the comparisons! The first house is almost enough to leave the coast for. :)