Monday, May 11, 2009

Make At Home Baby Food

I finally got my act together and bought some organic fruits and vegetables to mush up and feed the baby. By the way, it is not crucial to buy all organic; evidently some fruits and veggies harbor more pesticides than others. Here's a great app for your iPhone or a downloadable list to help determine which is which.

After steaming a Red Delicious apple and sending it through the food processor, I also pureed a mango and an avocado. I spooned each of the the separate mushes into an ice tray (that's my husband's hand in the pic though):

Now it's ready for the freezer:

There are tons of baby food books out there, but I like the classic "Super Baby Food" and less detailed "The Petit Appetit Cookbook."

(Much of this post is thanks to the great mind of my sister, Elizabeth. Thanks Biz!)

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