Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blanket Lust

I love the part in Auntie Mame where she announces that everyone else lost their money in Stock Market during the Depression, but she was smart enough to invest in Tiffany diamonds. That idea has always stuck with me as a sort of demented, yet strangely practical idea. If I had a million dollars (or even $1,000) to invest, I'd invest in luxury. Or, because I'm a pragmatist at heart, I'd spend a tiny portion on something fun and then put the rest in the bank.

It might sound strange, but I'd first go and buy a Hermes cashmere blanket. Only $1,125, but what an heirloom! So much better than diamonds. (Well, not really.)

Here's a similar heirloom blanket that I love by Pendleton Woolen Mills for the Ace Hotel here in Portland. Can a blanket be sexy?:

(Hermes blanket available here. Photo of fabulous couple from Wish magazine. Ace Hotel blankets are not available anywhere that I know of. Anyone have an idea??)

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  1. they do sell them at the Ace, you may just need to ask. Or check the PWM outlet in Washougal, WA. sometimes they pop up there. and yes, the hermes is divine!