Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Most-Certianly-Dos

Last week I wrote about wedding ideas that probably sounded like a great idea at first, but in reality should have been forgotten. This week, let's focus on wedding ideas that are memorable and tons of fun:

1. Don't wear white: I love this dress (above) worn by Essie in her wedding to Sara-Jane. Made from 13 yards of silk by a theater costumer, it's lovely and grown-up at the same time.

2. A choreographed dance: My friends, Jon & Larisa, an otherwise very intellectual and sedate couple, busted so many moves with their wedding dance that the entire crowd gave them a standing ovation. Take the time to learn a dance and then do it. (Remember that couple who learned and performed the entire "Time of My Life" routine from Dirty Dancing at their reception? Genius! Or how about doing the "Thriller" dance?)

3. Photo op: I'm a fan of a Polaroid station where people can snap their pics and then write a message to the happy couple. Or go crazy with a backdrop and costumes.

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