Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giving a little hustle.

Sorry that I haven't posted in two days! I've been working on marketing and promotion of our new store and that takes a lot of effort! My efforts did earn a mention on Babble's blog, though. But no sales yet!

Evidently, the lack of sales on Etsy is, unfortunately, the norm, and this is causing quite a storm from craftspeople who see Etsy as their path to riches. Here's a very interesting article from CNN/Money about the Etsy backlash and the company as a whole. Bottom line: Being an artisan will not make you rich, that is for sure. The most successful sellers are out there all of the time and getting exposure through blogs, word-of-mouth, and even *gasp* advertising! It's just not enough to be on Etsy. You have to give a little hustle.

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