Friday, July 10, 2009

Flashback Friday: Polaroids

Perhaps you've heard about the Impossible Project, a plan to recreate an instant film like the late, great Polaroid film. While so much of the past is destroyed, I'm hoping the Impossibles can make a film as good or better. There is something so melancholy about Polaroids, the way the light is muted and the edges are never crisp.

Anyway, here is an image gallery I put together from a huge collection of reader Polaroids sent in to the NY Times. There's a story here somewhere...

All Polaroid images from NY Times blog, Lens by David W. Dunlap:
Greenery: Jonathan Hankin
North Carolina state fair: Julia Parris
Poppies: Pascale Simon
Home: Kari Hartmann
Cupcake: Amanda Gilligan
Drive-in: Kari Hartmann
Red shoes: Paula Brandao
Curtains: Catherine Buca

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