Monday, August 10, 2009

Pattern Making

I have a sweet 1960s top that just doesn't fit right. (Have you ever noticed that the necklines in vintage clothes are tight?) Anyway, I can't part with the shirt because I love the print so much.

In an effort to save the shirt and the pattern, I've been trying to replicate the pattern to print on another fabric. Of course, this meant I had to learn how to create a repeating patter for a length of fabric which is like, really hard. ;)

First I scanned the shirt and came up with this:
Then, I used a tutorial by Julia Rothman I found on Design Sponge and created this pattern:

Only, I haven't exactly lined it up perfectly, so this is only a snapshot of the whole thing.

Now that I've learned how to create a repeat pattern, I'm obsessed with it. I'm thinking of patterns all day long. I curse the Internet!

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