Monday, August 24, 2009

My Margot Tenenbaum Dream

I'm finally parting with my lovely pink 1960s Starlite phone. (You can buy it here.)

I bought it at the height of my Margot Tenenbaum obsession, particularly the idea of taking to the bathtub for long soaks while chatting on my pink Princess phone and sneaking cigarettes.

In reality, vintage phones operate in a different era. This one had a four prong adapter that would have also connected it with the home's ringer. Thus, when I rewired it and used it in my apartment in NYC, I also connected another (less attractive) vintage phone that did have a ringer in another room, but I'd only answer the pink phone. Annoying, I agree.

Though I don't use it, I'll miss it. But maybe I'll miss Margot more.

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