Monday, June 7, 2010

My Poppy Garden (No vegetables allowed!)

This year, instead of using my large raised bed for planting vegetables or other practical plants, I planted a whole box of flowers, specifically poppies. I long for poppies when I see them in other peoples' yards and this year, I wanted my own. Early in the spring I put in six different seed packets to see what would actually come up. Here are the varieties I used from Botanical Interests:

And here's the result (two months later):

Because most poppies are short lived, I also put in nasturtiums and sunflowers to make sure there were flowers for the whole summer.

One thing I would do differently: plant fewer nasturtiums, find medium-sized plants to go along the front of the box. Who knew that poppies would grow over three feet high?!

Now I have many many seed pods for decor and as a source for seeds to plant next year.

Here are more pics of my flowers and their names:

Bread Seed Organic Poppy
Papaver - somniferum

Shirley Single Blend Poppy
Papaver - rhoeas

Peony Poppy Double Blend
Papaver - somniferum var. paeoniflorum

Iceland Nudicaule Blend Poppy
Papaver - nudicaule

California Poppy - Orange
Eschscholzia - californica

Flanders American Legion Poppy
Papaver - rhoeas

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