Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paris, Where Have You Been All of My Life?

There's a Facebook questionnaire floating around that predicts the city that you should be living in. Where's my perfect home? Paris! Well, that's not much of a stretch. When I was there for my honeymoon a year and a half ago, I cried when it was time to leave and hop on the night train to Italy. Then last night, my husband and I started one of our "What if..." conversations. He's convinced that we can retire in ten years (as spritely if not desperately poor 40-somethings...), and I said, well then we can move to Paris. As if magic, after those words departed my mouth, they felt real and not some crazy dream. I imagined days of lingering at the Louvre, dressing our baby Olivia like Madeline and strolling through the Tuileries as she babbles in high-pitched broken French. It's enough to make me cry... In the meantime, here are some of my Paris images (*sigh*):

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